Trade paperback marketing and distribution

***Update, January 1, 2017. Both programs will launch in late 2017.***

Captured Press handles the trade paperback distribution and marketing of young adult and new adult fiction for other small presses and indie authors who have neither the time nor desire to market their print titles.

Most small presses and indie authors know the money in today’s publishing market comes from ebook sales and pay little attention to paperbacks, aside from collecting them as nice-to-have keepsakes, ordering for book signings or using them for giveaways for readers.

However, the teen print market is roaring. Most teens still read print, which means, you’re possibly missing out on a great opportunity to expand and grow your market. Is it easy or quick? Absolutely not. It takes a long-term marketing strategy and great deal of persistence to push into the print market. The hardest part: creating awareness among the target audience that your book exists!

But that’s where CP comes in. We’re already marketing our titles to the traditional print industry consumers, be they teens, libraries, educators or booksellers. Why not put your print books on autopilot and let us do the work for you?

What we guarantee:

  • placement alongside our books in ads targeted to members of ALA and ABA
  • placement alongside our books in catalogs sent to libraries, educators, traditional media reviewers, and booksellers
  • placement alongside our books in catalogs for pitching to Barnes and Noble and other large retailers
  • placement alongside our books in displays and catalogs at exhibitions and conventions
  • Free listings on, the readers portal we’re developing
  • Review pitches and/or paid reviews in traditional publishing industry media (PW, Foreword, RT, Kirkus, etc.)
  • NetGalley listing of ebook with auto-approval for librarians, educators and booksellers (if desired)

Basically, we treat your trade paperback like it’s one of ours and feature it wherever we feature our books.

To date, we’ve successfully seen our books in Publishers Weekly (print and online); Publishers Weekly Select (print and online); Glamour UK (print and online); Foreword Reviews (print); Kirkus; Romantic Times (print and online), Huffington Post UK (online); USA Today (online.)

REMEMBER: this is a marathon, not a sprint. Our goal is to build awareness and increase visibility among consumers of print books. This takes time and persistence!

Requirements for trade marketing program

  • Your book must be available through Ingram or Baker and Taylor
  • Must be offered with the traditional industry discount
  • Must be fully returnable
  • If you do not have at least one review from a traditional publishing industry media source (PW, RT, Clarion/Foreword, Kirkus, Midwest Book Review, etc.), you must provide us review copies and permission to secure such a review
  • Must be Young Adult or New Adult fiction
  • Professional cover and interior
  • Must be approved by our team
  • Marketing contract required. Available in terms of three months, six months, twelve months, twenty four months. (We recommend six to twelve months.)

3 month contract: $325/month per title
6 month contract: $300/month per title
12 month contract: $250/month per title
24 month contract: $225/month per title

*Multi-title discounts available.

Please note: if you are using Createspace, you will not meet requirements 2 & 3. See our distribution package below!

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Coming late 2016 … distribution program!

Want us to take over distribution in addition to marketing? We can do that, too!

We’ll list your book with the industry standard discount (55%) and provide you monthly reports on sales. We keep no part of your royalties and you pay no additional fee to have your books uploaded and made available through Ingram’s distribution channels.


  • You must supply cover and interior files compatible with Lightning Source’s specifications
  • Must be young adult or new adult fiction
  • Must meet the approval of our team
  • Distribution contract required
  • Contract for twelve or twenty four month marketing term required

We will supply the ISBNs and provide monthly reports on sales activity. Royalties paid monthly.


12 month contract: $250/month per title
24 month contract: $225/month per title

*Multi-title discounts available.

This is a great opportunity for those authors/small presses who publish trade paperbacks through Createspace, a platform that severely limits your ability to reach paperback consumers.

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