The Dream (About CP)

Captured Press is your source for epic teen fiction! We specialize in high quality, beautifully written titles with a focus on speculative fiction. From sweet, young adult coming-of-age paranormals to spicy new adult romances, Captured Press’ books will appeal to readers who love epic storytelling and kickass characters. CP often partners with other small presses, such as Valknut Press ( for promotion and distribution.

Trade paperbacks available from Ingram at the industry standard discount (and fully returnable.)

Our history

Captured Press was originally started in Long Beach, New York, in 2002 by two sisters with a simple dream: to bring cool books to the world. After two years, Captured was forced to shut down, due to something we call Life, which took the two sisters far away from one another and placed their dream on hold.

Twelve years later, they were brought back together – wiser and with an understanding of what’s truly important in life. It’s not money or working in the Matrix or the perfect house with a white picket fence.

It’s following your heart, the siren song of the soul, and pursuing the Dream, the ray of light on your worst day, the reminder of why you’re on this earth in the first place and the little voice in your head that insists there’s more to Life than this.

Captured relaunched in early 2015 with the goal of realizing the long held dream of the Ford sisters: to once again bring cool books to the world.

Poetics aside, Captured Press LLC is the young adult and new adult fiction arm of Lizzy Ford Books LLC, which means, while we are definitely dreamers, we’re also doers. With over 400,000 books sold, 60+ titles released and various awards, articles, and industry recognition over the past four years, Lizzy Ford Books LLC can walk the walk as well as dream the dream.

We are publishers of unique, original, and well-written young adult and new adult fiction with an emphasis on treating the author like the professional s/he is. We take a team approach to the publishing of each book and involve the author in the cover, editing and creation of a marketing plan. We work with top photographers, cover artists, editors and publicists to help package awesome stories and give them every chance possible to soar.

Over the years, we’ve learned the single most important key to success is a solid foundation: great writing, smart marketing, brilliant packaging and a long term approach to success.

Every book is an investment to us and receives its own initial marketing budget and customized plan based on a hybrid model combining the most effective strategies used by both traditional and independent publishing. The goal is to provide advanced placement and reviews while also ensuring powerhouse social media campaigns to give each book and author the foundation needed to create a dent in the market and build a following.

Life is going to happen but Dreams are pursued. When you’re ready to capture your Dream, we’re ready to help.