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Lost Vegas Series updates!

The Lost Vegas Series recently got a new look! Check out the new covers below! Links and purchase information is also posted.

Aveline (#1)

Summary: In post-apocalyptic America, five hundred years in the future, famine, war, and chaos have created a hell on earth. Outside the isolated city of Lost Vegas, violent skirmishes among the Native Americans – who have retaken their ancestral lands – claim lives by day, while ancient predators awakened during the Age of Darkness hunt humans by night. Inside the city, criminals, the impoverished, and the deformed are burned at the stake weekly.

Among those ruthless enough to survive is seventeen-year-old Aveline, a street rat skilled in fighting whose father runs the criminal underworld. On the night of her father’s unexpected death, a stranger offers to pay off her father’s debts, if she agrees to become the guardian of Tiana Hanover, the daughter of the most powerful man in Lost Vegas. Caught between her father’s debtors and his enemies, Aveline reluctantly accepts.

Expecting a pampered princess, Aveline soon discovers sheltered, sweet Tiana is little more than a slave – and harboring a secret the wealthy Hanover’s will kill to keep. Little does she know that her fate, and Tiana’s, have been bound since long before they met.

Will Aveline’s street smarts be enough to keep them both alive?

Purchase today from: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashie!

Tiana (#2)

Summary: Tiana Hanover, the sheltered daughter of Lost Vegas’ leader, has spent her life hidden away from everyone. She’s deformed, like the people her father routinely burns at the stake. Her only friends are her brother and her new guardian, Aveline, neither of whom understand the depths of her forbidden magic.

Distressed by premonitions of her brother’s death, she leaves the safety of the tiny room where she has resided her entire life and ventures out into a world unwelcoming of the deformed and resentful of her powerful father. Leaving Lost Vegas gives her the first taste of freedom she has ever known – and sets in motion forces she could not have foreseen.

For Tiana, the world outside the city is beautiful – and terrifying. Ghouls, Natives, a skinwalker … the danger scares her but will not dissuade her from saving her brother. For her companions, the greatest danger outside the city is the Hanover in their midst, a girl whose growing power could make her a threat second only to her father.

Purchase today from: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashie!

Arthur (#3)

Summary: As the presumed heir to Lost Vegas, Arthur has purposely ignored the depravity with which his father runs the city with the excuse he will change things once he is in charge. Traveling with his longtime rival, Marshall Cruise, at first reinforces the prejudices Arthur has adopted from his father. However, Marshall has saved his life twice, and Arthur can no longer deny what is in front of him. He wants to make a positive difference in a city cowering in the shadow of Arthur’s father.

The more time Arthur spends with his rival, the more he begins to question his loyalty to the person who burned Marshall’s family at the stake. With his loyalties in question, Arthur struggles to balance protecting those he cares about and surviving long enough to save his city, a challenge that grows harder when the Natives around Lost Vegas begin to ally with one another.

War is looming – but the visions Arthur has of the future show him a worse fate is possible. Arthur must act fast, if he is to save his city, his sister, and his friends.

Releases March 19! Preorder today from: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashie!

New release: “Mercenary” (#2, Theta Beginnings Miniseries)

The second installment of the Theta Beginnings Miniseries is now available. The Omega Series saga continues!

Mercenary (#2, Theta Beginnings Miniseries)

Red satin ribbon curling over black background.

At first, hardened mercenary Niko is thrilled to watch the gods destroy the planet from the heart of the safe zone in DC, especially when he learns of the death of the man who forced him to work in the shadows. His excitement is short lived, however, when he realizes the reach of such wide scale destruction. His own son, whom he has never met, is caught in the middle of a war zone, and the one person who can guarantee his long-term safety is someone Niko knows not to trust.

For once in his life, Niko must think beyond today, and he doesn’t like what the future holds. He’s faced with an uncomfortable choice: become the father he never wanted to be, or continue to live life by his own set of rules and let the two people he cares about fall beneath the wrath of gods.

Available from: AmazonAmazon UK(FREE) Barnes and Noble(FREE) iBooks(FREE) KoboSmashwords (includes FREE KINDLE VERSION!)

New ebook release: “Silent Queen” by Lizzy Ford

The Omega Series saga returns. As with the Omega Beginnings Miniseries in 2015, the Theta Beginnings Miniseries precedes, “Theta,” the second main book in the series! Need to catch up? You can grab “Omega” and the “Omega Beginnings Miniseries” from your favorite ebook library and/or on order from your local book store!

“Silent Queen” is available from: Amazon, Amazon UK, BN, iBooks, Kobo, Smashie!

Silent Queen (#1, Theta Beginnings Miniseries)

Red satin ribbon curling over black background.

Red satin ribbon curling over black background.

Novelette. On the night of Crown Princess Phoibe’s coronation in New York, she is granted two guardians to assist her reign from among the many gods and goddesses in the Greek pantheon. Artemis, as expected, remains her fervent protector, but the identity of her second guardian is an unsettling omen of what is to come. His sudden involvement in her life marks dramatic change not only for her, but for the world.

No sooner is her new protector appointed than the longstanding peace between humanity and gods is shattered. The fourteen-year-old Queen of Greece faces a grim reality: there may be no one left alive to stop the gods from destroying everyone, if she doesn’t turn to her unwanted protector for help.

The Theta Beginnings Miniseries occurs five years before “Omega.”

Available from: AmazonAmazon UKBNiBooksKoboSmashie!

New paperback release available from Ingram

We’re happy to announce the newest release available on order through Ingram, “The Door.” For a complete list of titles available through Ingram, please click here!

The Door – now available

thedoorThere’s only one rule: Never lock the door

Gianna believes manual labor to be penance for the mistake that changed her life. Nothing can be worse than serving probation under the supervision of a bitter, elderly woman, known as the Caretaker, running a bed and breakfast in the middle of the Arizona desert.

Then the strangers begin arriving. They appear every night at sundown at the end of the driveway and vanish early in the morning, armed men and women who don’t quite look or act normal and never travel in vehicles, despite the property being twenty miles from town. Where they come from baffles Gianna, as does the single rule the Caretaker gives her. The front door must remain unlocked and the house accessible to the dangerous visitors no matter how unusual or frightening they are.

When one of them arrives wounded, Gianna helps save him and unknowingly makes a powerful friend, one from a very faraway place. In fact, from another world entirely, the world that starts at the end of the driveway. Before she can learn more, Gianna is left alone with the strangers and must choose whether she’ll take over the Caretaker’s role as hostess or return to New York and risk jail time for violating her probation.

Frustrated with her life, Gianna defies the Caretaker and locks the front door instead.

Her world will never be the same.

Publisher: Kettlecorn Press/Captured Press
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62378-246-7
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 x 1 inches
Weight: 1.3 lbs
Pages: 402
Retail price: 17.99 (USD)
Genre: New Adult Science Fiction; Young Adult Paranormal
Notes: appropriate for ages 14+. Sweet romance. Mild cursing and violence. Ebook version has a different cover. Cover listed here is the paperback only version.
Ordering information: Available from Ingram; Available directly from Captured Press as well. Email inquiries:

Captured Press launches Captured Covers

In January 2016, Captured Press is launching a new service meant to help support the Captured business model. Captured Covers will design custom ebook and paperback covers exclusively for Captured Press authors as well as periodically offer pre-made ebook covers for purchase by any author in need of a cover at a discounted price.

Please see the Captured Covers Facebook page or the Captured Covers page on this site (listed under the Writers tab.)


Welcome to Captured Press!

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